XIII Interuniversity Scientific Conference of foreign students of the preparatory faculties and departments “Path to science: first steps”

March 27, 2014 held in NUPh XIII Interuniversity Scientific Conference of foreign students of preparatory faculties and departments of Ukraine “Path to science : the first steps ».

It was attended by over 350 students from 27 countries enrolled at the preparatory departments and faculties of the 11 leading universities in Kharkiv – National University of Pharmacy , V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, National Medical University , N.E. Zhukovsky National Aerospace University ” HAI “, National University of Radio Electronics , National Technical University “KPI” , P. Vasilenko National Technical University of Agriculture , State Academy of Physical Culture, State University of Food Technology and Trade , State Academy of Culture , National Automobile and Highway University .

Following reports were presented :

” Once again to the discovery of the structure of DNA “, Ait Yahia Hmaymer (Morocco), NUPh
” For what I love Maths ,” Barry Ahmed ( Côte d’Ivoire) “, NTU “KPI”
” Problems of ranking : innovative solutions “, Falik Bamba ( Côte d’Ivoire) , Ali Sayyad Sabzikari (Iran) , HNADU
” Some characteristics of the education system of Syria “, Abdullah Zaidan Khalaf (Iraq) , HGUPT
” Water Wheel “, Afaf El Mansouri (Morocco), NUPh
” Turkmen carpets “, Doschanov Ikhlas (Turkmenistan) , KhNMU
” Proverbs in the dialogue of cultures “, Ahmed Bouabida (Algeria), KNURE
” Seven Wonders of Kharkov “, Leonie Oumaima (Morocco), Bunar Haoula (Morocco), Amin Al Afghani (Morocco), Benbuzid Ismael (Morocco), NUPh
” Vietnamese national costume Ao Zai “, Mai Van Anh ( Vietnam) , HNTUSKH of P. Vasilenko
” The most unusual holidays and festivals in Taiwan “, Li Ming Yu ( Taiwan) , KNU of V.N. Karazina
” Alternative energy sources . New approaches to solving problems “, El Hassiuti Mohammed (Morocco), Maarabuni Samer (Lebanon), NUPh
” My motherland – the Republic of Ghana “, Mensah Kvamina (Ghana), NAU of N.E. Zhukovsky ” HAI ”
” Interesting facts about the life of Guinea “, Balde Falilou (Guinea) , HGAK
” Academician of architecture Beketov ” Nadif Ahraf (Morocco), HGAFK

Each of the speakers received a book of abstracts and the certificate of the participant.

As a pleasant surprise for the guests and participants were musical numbers of students of the preparatory department NUPh .

After the conference for students and guests there was a tour of the Museum of History of Ukraine of Pharmacy , Department of Sports Complex and National University of Pharmacy .

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