Olympiad of Russian language

May 11, 2014 at the Department of Fundamental and language training Olympiad in the Russian language was held.

The purpose of the Olympiad – revealing the knowledge and skills of students in the field of Russian language and culture of speech.

Olympiad’s tasks:
– to consolidate and deepen the knowledge and skills acquired in the course of theoretical and practical training Russian language;
– to increase an interest in the study of Russian language and culture of speech;
– development of creative abilities of students, the skills of self-realization, self-expression;
– encouraging listeners motivation to study;
– improving the listeners’ skills of independent work.
Verifiable knowledge and skills:
– knowledge of the morphological system of the language;
– knowledge of the syntax of the language system;
– basic knowledge of the culture of writing;
– possession of pronouncing standards;
– possession of lexical rules;
– possession of orthographic norms;
– the ability to build text – thinking.

Number of participants: 38 students of the Faculty of Pre-University Training.

The winners:
1. Bunar Haoula – 25 points
2 . El Hassiouti Mohammed – 25 points
3 . El Maataoui Iman – 24 points
4 . Adnan Radwan – 24 points
5 . Hameh Jamil – 23 points

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