Kruty – fight for the future

Every year on January 29, Ukraine honors the memory of the Heroes of Kruty. On this day in 1918, a battle took place at the Kruty railway station between the 4,000-strong Bolshevik army of N. Muravyov and a detachment of Kiev students, grammar school students, and free Cossack fighters. Owing to the victory and courage of the Ukrainian soldiers, the Bolshevik offensive on Kiev was stopped for four days, which allowed the conclusion of the Brest Peace Treaty between the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the states of the Four Union. This document recognized Ukraine as an independent state. Teachers of the Department of Fundamental and Language Training of NUPh conducted a conversation “Kruty – a fight for the future” with first-year students of groups FT-1, KF-1, FSO-1, group № 4 with English as the language of instruction.Kruty - fight for the future

Kruty - fight for the future Kruty - fight for the future

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